Saturday May 26 – Noon (NEW)

  • Musical program rehearsal with Band (12pm-3pm) at VTT Tran Van Huu’s residence, 15884 Clarendon St., Fountain Valley, CA 92708

Saturday May 26 – Evening

  • Lac Cam Music 9pm – 1pm

Sunday May 27 – Morning

  • Hiking 8am – 11am
  • Place: Crystal Cove State Park
  • Located off Pacific Coast Highway between Corona del Mar and Laguna Beach, Crystal Cove State Park is one of Orange Countys largest remaining examples of open space and natural seashore. It features 3.2 miles of beach, 2,400 acres of backcountry wilderness and an offshore underwater area. Bring hat, sunscreen, warm jacket, good pair of walking shoes. Plan on 3+hrs of hiking.
  • Park at 5610-5720 Pacific Coast Hwy Parking area (http://www.crystalcovestatepark.org/how-to-find-the-park/)
  • Parking fee $8 per vehicle.
  • Lunch at the beach (Crystal Cove Shake Shack).

Sunday May 27 – Evening

  • Pre-Reunion Dinner
    • Place: Paracel (15583-15589 Brookhurst St. Westminster, CA 92683), Orange County, California
    • Time: 6pm-12pm

Monday May 28

  • Tennis
    • Place: Fountain Valley Tennis Courts
    • Time: 8am – 10:30am
  • Cruise Boarding
    • Place: Port of Long Beach
    • Time: Noon

Advisory Committee

  • GS Nguyen Tri Thanh
  • GS Ly Thi Kien Trinh
  • GS Pham Cao Duong
  • GS Pham Thi Hong Lien

Organizing Committee

  • HT Tran Duc Nghia
  • PHT Vuong Quang Dzung
  • TQ Hoang Phi Long
  • CHT Tran Kim Chanh
  • CHT Tran Binh Chanh
  • VTT Tran Van Huu
  • VTT Nguyen Tan Dat
  • VTT Ha Manh Chi
  • VTT Ha Chi Dzung
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May 16
  • 16
    No events

For all booking questions, please email Yen at yentours@gmail.com or call (408) 806-5534.

  • 5 days and 4 nights of activities and fun
  • 5 days and 4 nights with teachers and friends
  • 5 days and 4 nights of reminiscing and nostalgic memories


For cruises that begin at and return to the same U.S. port,

  • US Citizen: Passport + Photo ID
  • US Permanent Residence: Green Card + Photo ID
  • Non-US Citizen: Country Passport + Valid US Visa

DAY 1 – Monday May 28, 2018 – Long Beach.

  • 12pm – 1pm – Cruise Boarding
  • 1pm – 2pm – Group Lunch
  • 5pm – Depart from Port of Long Beach
  • 6pm – 7:30pm – Group Dinner
  • 7:30pm – 9pm – Cruise Evening Entertainment
  • 9pm-whenever – VTT Activities (TBD)

DAY 2 – Tuesday May 29, 2018 – At Sea.

  • 7am – 8am – Group Breakfast
  • 6pm – 7:30pm – Group Dinner
  • 7:30pm – 9pm – Cruise Evening Entertainment
  • 9pm-whenever – VTT Activities (TBD)

DAY 2 – Wednesday May 30, 2018 – Catalina Island.

  • 7am – 8am – Group Breakfast
  • 6pm – 7:30pm – Group Dinner
  • 7:30pm – 9pm – Cruise Evening Entertainment
  • 9pm – whenever – VTT Activities (TBD)

DAY 4 – Thursday May 30, 2018 – Ensenada, Mexico.

  • 7am – 8am – Group Breakfast
  • 6pm – 7:30pm – Group Dinner
  • 7:30pm – 9pm – Cruise Evening Entertainment
  • 9pm-whenever – VTT Activities (TBD)

DAY 5 – Friday June 1, 2018 – Long Beach.

  • 6am – 9am – Group Breakfast
  • 9am – Group Hug and Good-Bye

For all booking questions, please email Yen at yentours@gmail.com or call (408) 806-5534.


Q: Is it cheaper to book through VTT then with the Cruise Line itself?

A: It is definitely cheaper to book through our Tour Agent (Yen Tours) since we have negotiated rate plus group credit.

Please note that VTT booking page pricing includes all applicable port fees and taxes whereas pricing list on the Cruise Line website is just the base price (without fees and taxes).

Q: Any other fees that are not included?

A: All is included except for cabin tip (about $12 per person per day x 3 days).

Q: If I book now, can I cancel later if my schedule changes?

A: Yes, VTT group booking can be cancelled anytime before April 30, 2017, for a full refund. This is another benefit of booking through our tour agent. The Cruise Line has stricter cancellation and refund policy if you book directly with them.

  • Before March 28, 2018 – Cancellation is free for Group rates, Nonrefundable for Early Saver rates.
  • Between March 28, 2018 – April 12, 2018 – Penalty is $150 per person Past Guests, Seniors, Early Saver, Casino rates may have different penalty schedules
  • Between April 12, 2018 – April 28, 2018 – Penalty is 50% of the cruise fare per person
  • Between April 28, 2018 – May 12, 2018 – Penalty is 75% of the cruise fare per person
  • After May 12, 2018 – Penalty is 100% or nonrefundable

Q: I plan to attend DH IX and will be arriving from VN. Do I also need to obtain Mexican Visa to enter Mexico.

A: No. To enter Mexico, you would only need to show VN Passport and US Visa.

Q: What are the cabin categories?

A: Category 4 is interior cabin whereas category 6 is ocean view cabin. The C and D coding refer to the location of the cabin within a cruise deck.

Q: Dinning Preference

A: Please select “Early” option.

Q: I plan on going solo (whether I truly am or not), can I share cabin with friends?

A: Yes, up to 5 people can share a cabin. The rough cost is 2 full prices plus 3 half-prices split among the occupants. For exact cost, please contact Yen Tour.

Q: I definitely am going solo but do not know any other VTTs, what do I do?

A: Please contact BTC and get on solo club list. We will put you in touch with other soloists.

All booking provide by

(408) 806-5534

For all booking questions, please email Yen at yentours@gmail.com or call (408) 806-5534.

Dai Hoi -

Sunday, May 27
T-ShirtDac SanDonation to HAHTotal ($USD)Payment StatusPayment Method
GS Nguyen Tri ThanhGS OC211200200PAIDCheck
GS Pham Thi Hong LienGS OC111N/A
GS Hoang Bich DzungGS OC111N/A
GS Pham Cao DuongGS OC211N/A
GS Ly Thi Kien TrinhGS OC111N/A
Le Van Xe62 OC1135PendingPay at door
Tran Kim Chanh63 OC21110001000PAIDCash
Nguyen Van Diep65 OC1135PendingPay at door
Nguyen Xuan Lan65 OC1135PendingPay at door
Quang Vinh Truong66 Fullerton, OC11150PendingPay at door
Tran Van Huu67 OC21185PendingPay at door
Truong Dung Daniel 67 OC21500500PAIDCheck
Vuong Quang Tue67 Atlanta, GA41140PendingPay at door
Nguyen Ngoc Hai67 OC2170PendingPay at door
Pham Dinh Khuyen67 OC61210PendingPay at door
Le Van Giau67 OC1135PendingPay at door
Vu Duc Thong671135PendingPay at door
Huynh Ba Dung671135PendingPay at door
Nguyen Van An671135PendingPay at door
Le Van Giep67 OC2170PendingPay at door
Le Ngoc Xan67 OC1135PendingPay at door
Nguyen Tan Dat67 OC21110001000PAIDCash
Giang Xin67 OC2170PendingPay at door
Tran Huy Dong672170PendingPay at door
Nguyen Huy Dong672170PendingPay at door
Pham Van Phu67 OC31105PendingPay at door
Bui Dac Chi, MD67 OC2170PendingPay at door
Nguyen Hau67 OC2170PendingPay at door
Nguyen Xuan Duc67 Dallas, TX2170PendingPay at door
Nguyen Van Linh67 OC2170PendingPay at door
Ngo Ba Hoang67 OC1135PendingPay at door
Tran Binh Chanh68 OC21185PendingPay at door
Nguyen Thanh Tra
68 San Diego2170PAIDCheck
Nguyen Huy Chuong68 San Jose221100200PAIDCheck
Mai Vang68 Virginia, VA21185PendingPay at door
Le Manh Hung68 Hamburg, Germany2170PAIDPaypal
Phan Thong Tung68 Toronto, Canada11150PAIDPaypal
Nguyen Van Tam68 OC1135PendingCheck
Nguyen Van Nga68 Vancouver, Canada2170PendingPay at door
Nguyen Phuc Khiem681135PendingPay at door
Te Ton68 Freemont1135PendingCheck
Vu Huu Truong68 San Diego2170PendingPay at door
Nguyen Minh Chau69 Winnipeg, Canada1135PendingPay at door
Nguyen Duc Thu70 Union City, TN13 Large180PendingPay at door
Le Ngoc Anh70 OC41140PendingPay at door
Tran Duc Nghia71 OC21185PAIDCheck
Can Pham71 OC1135PendingPay at door
Nguyen Van Tu71 OC1135PAIDCheck
Pham Dac Duc71 OC1135PAIDCheck
Vuong Quang Dzung71 OC1135PAIDCheck
Tran Quang Van71 OC1135PAIDCheck
Ton Hoang Ba71 Cypress1135PendingPay at door
Ngo Van Hiep71 OC1135PAIDCheck
Hoang Van Trung72 San Jose2170PendingPay at door
Nguyen Cuong73 San Jose1135PAIDCheck
Vu Duc Huy73 San Jose1135PAIDCheck
Nguyen Dinh Gioi73 San Jose1135PAIDCheck
Do Manh Nam73 San Jose1135PAIDCheck
Nguyen Nhu Son73 OC1135PAIDCheck
Le Thanh Phuong73 OC1135PAIDCheck
Ly Ngoc Hiep73 OC1135PAIDCheck
Truong Huy Tung73 OC1135PAIDCheck
Nguyen Kim Thanh73 OC1135PAIDCheck
Vu Minh Huy73 OC1135PAIDCheck
Hoang Tuan Khanh73 OC1135PAIDCheck
Dang Quoc Thu73 OC1135PAIDCheck
Dang Hoang Hung73 OC1135PendingPay at door
Le Viet Thanh73 OC1135PAIDCheck
Cao Hoai Trung73 VIETNAM41140PAIDCheck
Ho Hoang Viet73 VIETNAM1135PAIDCheck
Dinh Viet Bao731135PendingPay at door
Ha Manh Chi74 Dallas, TX4
Dang Quoc Trung74 Wash. DC1135PendingPay at door
Tran Giu74 Anaheim, CA2170PAIDPaypal
Dinh The Vinh74 San Jose2170PAIDPaypal
Nguyen Hoang Anh74 OC2170PendingPay at door
Ha Chi Dzung75 OC21185PendingPay at door
Cao Xuan Phuoc75 Boston, MA21185PendingPay at door
Le Anh Tuan75 San Jose2170PAIDPaypal
Nguyen Si Minh75 San Jose2170PAIDPaypal
Do Manh Hung75 San Jose1135PendingPay at door
Do Minh Phuc75 OC2170PendingPay at door
Nguyen Dinh Khoi75 Houston, TX1135PendingPay at door
Le Minh Chanh75 VIETNAM1135PendingPay at door
Doan Minh Tri75 OC2170PendingPay at door
Nguyen Dinh Khiem75 OC2170PendingPay at door
Pham Kim Qui75 VIETNAM1135PendingPay at door
Dang Hoai Diep75 Seattle, WA1135PendingPay at door
Kieu Quoc Thang75 Wichita, KS1135PendingPay at door
Ly Manh Tai75 Nantes, France31105PendingPay at door
Nguyen Xuan Than75 Houston, TX1135PendingPay at door
Do Quang Minh75 Houston, TX1135PendingPay at door
Dinh Ba Dam75 Oklahoma City, OK1135PendingPay at door
Hoang Kim Khoi75 OC2170PendingPay at door
Hoang Phi Long75 OC2170PendingPay at door
Hoang Gia Dinh75 OC2170PendingPay at door
Nguyen Nhu Duc75 OC2170PendingPay at door
Uong Chi Thiep75 OC1135PAIDPaypal
Ly Thanh Khiet75 OC2170PendingPay at door
Phan Van Long75 OC2170PendingPay at door
Pham Van Nam75 Boston, MA1135PendingPay at door
Nguyen Phu Thu75 Dallas, TX1135PendingPay at door
Nguyen Gia Tuong Chinh75 New Orleans, LA2170PendingPay at door
Pham Thang75 OC2270PAIDCheck
Duong Nguyen Tran75 VIETNAM1135PendingPay at door
Nguyen Ba Thang77 San Jose2170PAIDPaypal
Dinh Huu Quan77 OC2170PendingPay at door

Du Thuyen Cruise -

NameClassNo. of CabinCabin No.CategoryNo. of PersonsNoteArrival Schedule
Tran Kim Chanh63 OC1U1336D2
Tran Binh Chanh68 OC1U1296D2
Tran Gia Dac/Phi68 San Jose1U416C2
Mai Vang68 Virginia1E184D2
Le Manh Hung/Hanh68 Hamburg, Germany1U596B2
Nguyen Minh Chau69 Winnipeg, Canada1U464A2with Ly Manh Tai's brotherSat, May 26, 2018
SNA - 06:30 pm
Nguyen Duc Thu70 Tennessee1U1724C1with Dang Quoc TrungSat, May 26, 2018
SNA - 09:29 pm
AA 2202

Dang Quoc Trung74 Virginia1U1724C1with Nguyen Duc Thu
Ha Manh Chi74 Dallas1U1596D4Mon. May 28
Ha Chi Dzung75 OC1U1196D1with Dang Hoai Diep
Dang Hoai Diep75 Seattle1U1196D1with Ha Chi DzungSat May 26
SNA - 5;00pm
Alaska Airline
Cao Xuan Phuoc/Vinh75 Boston1U1456D2
Do Minh Phuc/Thanh75 OC1U1054B2
Le Anh Tuan/Huong75 San Jose1U606B2
Nguyen Si Minh75 San Jose1U1246D2
Doan Minh Tri75 OC1U724D2
Ly Manh Tai75 Nantes, France1U502
Nguyen Dinh Khiem75 OC1U636D2with Pham Kim Qui
Pham Kim Qui75 VN1U636D1with Nguyen Dinh Khiem
Nguyen Dinh Khoi75 Houston1U774B1with Le Minh Chanh
Le Minh Chanh75 VN1U774B1with Nguyen Dinh KhoiSat May 12, LAX
Nguyen Ba Thang77 San Jose1U1326B2
Dinh Huu Quan77 OC1E191
Tran Dinh/ThuySan Jose1U576A2